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Depict complex information clearly and briefly. Especially when it is difficult. That’s what you need to be here: I improve your business processes with visual consultancy, and produce infographics for you that are  guaranteed to have an effect  .And if you want to learn that yourself, I will train you in directing effective infographics. The training courses start with an introductory workshop Infographics for beginners . After that, you can become a master of it in the  master’s program Communicating Successfully with Infographics.  We will teach you a thing or two through our  blogs about creating infographics .So if you follow me on  LinkedinTwitter  or  Facebook, you will  receive an alert for new blogs so that you always pick up something.

Effective infographics, what do I mean by that?

By effective I don’t just mean that the infographic becomes a picture that evokes enthusiastic ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ because it is so beautiful. No, that’s the least you can expect. We also guarantee that your target group quickly finds the message, understands it and is inclined  to follow your  call to action . Because only then you will get value for money. For that you need knowledge of communication and marketing strategy. And I offer that. So you harvest more than ‘ooh’ or ‘ahh’.

De effecten van infographics kunnen legio zijn

* Due to a clear infographic, there is less ambiguity among the staff about how your  reorganization will proceed. This keeps the unrest under control and the HR department receives fewer unnecessary questions.
* Thanks to your infographic, employees know how an important process should proceed from now on. And they act accordingly. Then you waste less money due to unnecessary mistakes.
* Your market approaches you 4x more because your infographic shows briefly and clearlywhat you can do for prospects  with a clear call to action.
Finally your report does not disappear in a drawer, but people do something with it. Because you have visualized the message and policy options very conveniently and clearly in a few infographics.
* The city ​​council quickly chooses from 4 policy optionsThis is because you explain the scenarios and the differences between them so briefly, clearly and clearly in your infographics.
You receive a big subsidy because you quickly made clear to the evaluators with infographics what the quality of your proposal is and what it will do for them if they support your project.
* Residents quickly become clear about the plans of the municipality with regard to wind turbines and solar meadows, because you have explained this conveniently and clearly in a door-to-door infographic.
* You more easily attract participants to your meeting.And so on … For those kinds of effects, you buy something with your infographic. It really has to be of use to you.

Hoe werk ik?

It will now be clear to you that I bring much more than just a nice infographic. Here you will find more information about  the royal road to an effective infographic . I make a clear story with an attractive call to action. And I test whether they work. Then I visualize the tested story and test that too. Because the message can be clearly worded, but it can still be drowned out by the images. Finally, the visualization tested is beautifully designed by one of my special top infographic designers. Then I test again whether the result for the target group works on all kinds of platforms in all kinds of situations. So testing is important. I also help you with a thorough distribution plan, so that you get the maximum return from your infographic. After all, you don’t buy a Ferrari just to drive it around the block once. In this way,  I guarantee that your infographic will achieve the effect you want. You get that with me. But nothing is required, is it? You choose what you need.And I deliver that.

Jouw verhaal … dat is trouwens nog wel een dingetje

My experience is that many clients want to convey their message with images, because people tend to look at them more quickly. But it is often still unclear what exactly the story should be. I will help you with that. Sometimes that is a quest, but I catch that and guide you. That can go a long way (but does not have to). For example, I help you with the coordination and consultation between the stakeholders in an infographic. This happens especially often when imagining business processes. Many departments and professionals want to see their expertise and role optimally incorporated in the process and therefore in the infographic. Otherwise they will go bucks.For example, many of my infographic’s have ultimately become the backbone of business processes. And even the ‘route’ on the intranet with which you can follow the progress of documents through the process, for example.The ‘effect’ of an infographic can therefore be enormous. So it’s about getting much further than just ‘making a nice picture’. We call this type of work ‘ visual consultancy ‘. But terms such as ‘ design thinking ‘ and ‘ visual thinking ‘ are also in vogue for this.

Wil jij zelf leren effectieve infographics te maken?

Of course it is great for your organization if 1 or 2 employees take control of the visual communication of essential issues and can create valuable effects that really benefit the company. We therefore offer the  master’s program Successful communication with infographics  . This can be done in a small group of 4, or individually in the  VIP training . After 4 months you are qualified to create effects with infographics. This expertise can also be applied 1-on-1 to animations and videos.It is a super fun, very interesting training.

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